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Practical Preconstruction


We are one of the only design/build specialty contractors with in-house design engineering services. During the preconstruction phase we outline the mechanical scope and associated costs early in the process, allowing our team to make critical decisions on the mechanical systems we will implement.

We are committed to spending the time upfront to understand the needs of the building and accurately stay within project guidelines and budget. Our philosophy and team approach during preconstruction creates a platform for clear communication with the building owner, architect, and contractors to meet the expectations of the project.

How We Are Different:

Elite Preconstruction –  Our in-house engineering team has the experience to create expert design concepts for your unique project. We use the preconstruction phase as an opportunity to establish the scope and budget of your build while providing you the most value.

Bulls Eye Project Planning –  With a trained team of specialists, you will get a project that is designed for your exact scope, budget and timeline. Our project managers and engineers know how to accurately plan a project that incorporates all the short and long term needs of your building.

Cost Control –  Our design and construction personnel work and communicate as a team to evaluate the best equipment, materials, and processes in order to give you the best value for the project. We provide and execute the plans ensuring that the project meets expectations and stays within budget.